Robin's Adventures

Costa Rica, Machu Picchu, and the Galapagos Islands
A Triple Adventure

Colorful Marketplace

We spent a couple of hours wandering through a marketplace. The displays were interesting and colorful, the people were warm and friendly, and we had a wonderful time.

Butcher Shoppe

We were enthralled, as were the local dogs, by the types and cuts of meats that were available in the marketplace. We also got a kick out of the little girl at the booth. She had definitely imprinted on her mother.

Beautiful Countryside

As we drove through the countryside surrounding Quito, we enjoyed some wonderful scenery. We came across some women who were enjoying the great outdoors on their laundry day.

Typical Country Home

We stopped in a small country village to visit a typical home. The woman and her mother raised guinea pigs, who scurried about the cottage and sheltered under the bed. Guinea pig is considered a culinary delicacy in South America and this woman had a thriving business raising and selling them to all of the folks in the village.

Next Stop: Galapagos Islands

It was time to leave the Andes Mountains and head down to sea level. Our flight took us to the airport at Baltra Island where we were met by some very relaxed sea lions and our cruise ship, the Galapagos Legend.

The Legend

We would spend five incredible days aboard ship exploring the Galapagos Islands. We hiked with nature guides, snorkeled from the beach and from a small boat, and moved from island to island in great comfort. It was a wonderful adventure.

Pinnacle Rock

We began at the pinnacle rock on Bartolome Island. This iconic view is a good example of the volcanic landscape that we would encounter throughout the islands.

Island Summit Hike

We hiked to a higher elevation to get a really good view of the island. Along the way, we noticed different patterns and types of lava rocks. Part of the hike took us over a boardwalk so that the lava fields below would be protected.

Adapting to Life on a Volcanic Landscape

Lava Lizards and Lava Cactus were abundant and blended in beautifully with their surroundings.

Life along the Shore

As we waited to board the zodiac to head back to the ship, we noticed some other animals hanging about. There were quite a few of the Sally Lightfoot Crabs and some marine iguanas.