Robin's Adventures

Australia & New Zealand 2012
Robin & Steve's Adventures Down Under

Let the Adventure Begin!

Our adventure began at LAX and continued 18 hours later in Melbourne, Australia.

Scienceworks Museum

We had a couple of free hours and decided to check out this cool science museum.


We enjoyed wandering around Melbourne and checking out all of the unusual sights.

Artful Architecture

Our city tour took us past some uniquely designed buildings. The contrast between old style and contemporary buildings was delightful.

Queen Victoria Market

The Queen Victoria Market has been an institution in Melbourne for about 130 years. The stalls each had a wonderful collection of local goods that were beautifully displayed.

Royal Botanic Gardens

We enjoyed stopping for tea in the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens. We were surrounded by colorful flowers and some incredibly large trees.

Wildlife at the Botanic Garden

Among our favorite creatures at the botanic garden were the dusky moorhen, the rainbow lorikeet, the eel, the black swan, and the red wattlebird.

Churchill Island Heritage Farm

Our stop for afternoon tea was at a delightful farm. It was nice to get out of the city and into the country for the day.

Gardens at Churchill Island Heratige Farms

After tea, we strolled through the gardens and enjoyed all of the different textures and colors of the beautiful plants.


We visited a koala conservation center on Phillip Island. Koala sleep for about 20 hours each day so they were cute to look at, but only interesting to watch when they were awake.