Robin's Adventures

Australia & New Zealand 2012
Robin & Steve's Adventures Down Under

Sand Flats Lifeforms

We enjoyed exploring all of the different organisms that were hanging out on the flats waiting for the tide to return. When we turned around to look at the hotel, we were surprised at how far out we had gone.

Fringe Reef

Took a boat ride out to a beach on a small island near the Great Barrier Reef. The fringe reef was a delightful place to spend the afternoon snorkeling and sitting on the beach.

Under the Sea

There were quite a few very large fish as we snorkeled here. In addition, we would sometimes very randomly find ourselves suddenly surrounded by a large school of fish. It was very exciting.

Swimming with the Fishes

Farewell to Hayman Island

Our departure from Hayman Island was a lovely cruise on a small ship. Along the way we saw a few whales. This was a much nicer ride to the airport than taking the 405 freeway to LAX!


After our peaceful commune with nature on Hayman Island, it felt strange to be back in a big city. Sydney, however, had a certain charm about it that made us feel right at home.

Chance Encounter in the Park

Governor Macquarie used convicts to carve a bench from a sandsone block located at his wife's favorite viewing point overlooking Sydney Harbor. The bench, called Mrs. Macquarie's Chair, was made in 1810.

The park where the chair is located, right near the Royal Botanic gardens, has lovely views and is a wonderful place to spot some of the local birds. We saw a chance encounter between a white faced heron and a white ibis who meet up like they were old friends.

The Gap

The Gap, a cliff area overlooking the Tasman Sea, has wonderful views and beautiful walking paths along the edge of the ocean.

Sydney Serindipity

Wandering through Sydney we would come upon unusual birds in the most random places. We saw a white ibis in a crosswalk one day and in a fountain in a busy square another day. We also ran across a rainbow lorikeet hanging out at an outdoor cafe. Then we came across a store that had beautiful hand made didgeridoos that were signed by the artists.