Robin's Adventures

Australia & New Zealand 2012
Robin & Steve's Adventures Down Under

Wallabies and Galah

Far more active than the koala were the wallabies as they hopped around and foraged for food. We also saw many pink galah, a type of cockatoo that is commonly found throughout Australia.

The Nobbies

The Nobbies had a wonderful boardwalk that allowed us to stroll among grassy rolling hills along the south coast of Phillip Island. The hills are covered with burrows for little penguins. Each night the penguins return from the sea and waddle in a long row, much like a parade, until they get to their burrows.

Penguins on Parade

The little penguins of Phillips Island are just over a foot tall and weigh about 2 pounds each. They are the smallest penguin in the world.

Savannah Walkabout

Spent a day in the bush with a very knowledgeable guide. Saw some interesting wildlife, including koala (still sleeping!), a brushtail possum who had taken up residence in the rafters of the ladies room, our first kookaburra, an infestation of flanged shield bugs, emu, and a family of cape barren geese.

Twany Frogmouth

The tawny frogmouth is an expert at the art of camouflage. Not only do his colors blend in and match the appearance of tree bark, but also he can hold himself stiff like a branch. If there is a breeze, he will quake his body in order to blend in with the real branches.

An efficient hunter, he often hangs out on the tree and waits for insects to come to him and land in the whisker-like feathers around his mouth.


The kangaroos were very entertaining. When they went short distances, they took steps by balancing on their front legs and alternating between their back legs, which do not operate independently of each other, and their tail. For long distances, they bounced on their hind legs and could move great distances very rapidly.

Joey Antics

Wait Mom, where did I leave my i-pod?

More Joey Antics

Not sure which end is up!

Still More Joey Antics

Ready to go, Mom. Can you drop me off at the mall?

Kangaroo Video

Check out this video of kangaroos in action.