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Carlsbad Caverns
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Queen's Curtains

Some of the largest curtain or drapery formations were located in this area of the cave.

Bashful Elephant

This feature looks like the backside of an elephant.

More Cave Features

We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the cave and enjoying the features. There was a beautiful pool called Green Lake in one of the rooms. We were so enthralled by the beautiful sights that I think that we were the last people to exit the cave for the day.

Mighty Spelunkers

We spent an entire day below ground exploring the caves. We came up only briefly for lunch. It was an exciting day and we were already making plans to return the next day to see different parts of the cave. Heather walked the whole day in her “boot” and it appears that the ankle surgery was not a deterrent to her adventurous spirit.

Living Desert Flora

Spent the morning wandering around through the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens State Park. The shapes and textures of the plants we saw made them very interesting.

Living Desert Fauna

We were watching the animals while the animals were watching us.

Carlsbad Museum & Art Center

We enjoyed the eclectic displays at this museum. There were pioneer exhibits, modern art exhibits, and everything in between. One of my favorites was the "horse and buggy."

Tommy Gun

Notoriety in the City of Carlsbad!

Local Color

Fine dining in small town New Mexico included many unique and unusual establishments.

Carlsbad Natural Cave Entrance

Our second day in the caves we went on a lantern tour of the natural entrance. There were 15 people and a guide. Our only light in the cave was from the candle in our lantern.