Robin's Adventures

Carlsbad Caverns
More Adventures Down Under

Enlightened Explorers

We were ready for an adventure and a new perspective on the cave.

By the Glow of the Lantern

Lantern light was an interesting way to view the caves. There were less colors and more shadows as we attempted to make out the cave features around us.

Natural Entrance Features

There were many interesting speleothems in this section of the cave. In addition, this is the part of the cave where the bats roost during the spring and summer months.

Finding Our Way

Eventually, we made it all the way from the entrance to the Big Room of the cave about 800 feet below the surface. We saw many interesting features and our guide had many interesting tales to tell along the way.

We were sorry to see the candle light tour end. It was indeed a unique way to see the cave.

Do I Fit?

One of the more strenuous cave tours involves crawling on your belly through some very long, tight, dark passageways. You need to bring your own gloves, knee pads, and extra AA batteries on this tour.

Steve got an adventurous sparkle in his eye and asked just how tight a fit the passageways were. The ranger showed him a cutout the same size as the passage. Steve fit through the cutout. Unfortunately, we were leaving for Roswell and would be unable to "fit in" this exciting tour. Maybe next time.

Roswell's Local Color

Roswell had a very unique flavor. Street lights, signs on businesses, and shop displays were all somehow a bit other-worldly.

UFO Museum & Research Center

Something strange happened in July of 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico. This museum chronicles the events of that time period through photos, news stories, and sworn affidavits of the principle players and their families.

Was the crash a UFO or a weather balloon? Why was the military called in? Why was there such a massive attempt on the part of the government to keep everything a secret? The truth is out there.

Lookin' for the Real Thing

Things go better with Coke - even alien things!

Close Encounters

Made lots of new friends at the UFO Museum!

Roswell Museum & Art Center

Our next stop was a more conventional museum. There were lots of interesting things on display.