Robin's Adventures

Carlsbad Caverns
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Terrific Textures

There were lots of interesting shapes and textures in the sand dunes.

Propagating Plant

One of the common dune plants is the soaptree yucca. This one had some seed pods that were opened and scattering seeds across the sand.

Wandering across the Dunes

We had a great time wandering around on the sand dunes. Some kids had brought a plastic disk and were sliding down the dunes. Climbing back up the dunes in order to slide down looked like too much work to us. We were content to walk around and enjoy the view.

White Sands Missile Range

White Sands Missile Range is the largest military installation in the US. Not only are missiles tested here, but also our communications satellites are tracked and there is equipment for monitoring solar activity. We enjoyed looking at the display of missiles and rockets.

Heading for Home

As the sun set over the jagged peaks and the New Mexico desert, we knew it was time to begin our journey homeward. So ends another adventure. We know that more adventures are in store for us in the future.