Robin's Adventures

South America
A Journey of Diverse Discoveries

The Adventure Begins

The journey from LAX to Manaus, on the edge of the Amazon River in Brazil, took just over 10 hours of flying time. We were looking forward with much anticipation to all of the adventures we would experience during our travels through Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile.

Meeting of the Waters

Our first excursion was a boat trip along the Amazon River to see the meeting of the waters. This occurs where two branches of the river meet. They do not mix, but flow side by side for about nine kilometers due to differences in temperature, density, current speed, and acidity. The darker water is from the Rio Negro and the lighter water is from Rio Solimoes.

Riverfront Property

Many homes were built along the edge of the river. While these homes have a lovely view, most were poorly constructed and lack modern amenities. They were very different from the more modern downtown neighborhoods.

Commerce on the River

There were many businesses floating on the river, including a gas station and a grocery store. Boats would bring their catch of the day to the docks and lay out their fish to dry.

River Travel

Brazil is a large country and the terrain makes it difficult to connect cities with roads. A couple of years ago, the Iranduba Bridge was built across the river in Manaus. The bridge is more than two miles long.

It is still easier, however to travel from one city to another by boat. People rent a space on large boats that travel the river. They hang their hammock and bring their own food. When the boat arrives at their destination, they pack up and get off.

Living on the River

There were houses scattered up and down the river. Many had pets and livestock on decks.

Peaceful Setting

The peaceful setting and the beautiful scenery were delightful as we moved along the river.

Plant Life

We saw some cacao pods, palm trees with protective spines along the trunk, and some large lily pads along the river.

River Birds

Among the birds we saw along the river were a wattled jacana, a black collared hawk, and an Amazon kingfisher. There were also many nests hanging around on the trees near the water.

Animal Sightings

Some sloths were climbing a tree near the edge of the river. The markings on their fur helped them blend in beautifully with the tree bark. We also saw a couple of iguana.