Robin's Adventures

South America
A Journey of Diverse Discoveries

Beautiful Birds

The purple gallinule is a type of swamp hen. They make floating nests in marshy areas. The rufescent tiger-heron has a long pointed bill that it uses to spear fish. The Spix's guan rattle their wings and crow raucously to attract a mate.

Toucan Adventures

Toucans are brightly colored and have long bills. There are about 40 different species of toucans.

The seven inch bill of the toucan is useful in helping the bird reach different fruits, insects, or other tasty treats that may otherwise be difficult to reach. One of the mating rituals of the toucans involves a food toss as the male and female throw bits of fruit to each other and catch them in their beaks.

A couple of the larger toucans in the aviary kept following us wherever we went and aggressively shooing away other birds. It started to get a little creepy. Eventually we noticed that we were wearing the same color jacket that all of the caretakers wore. The toucans thought we had come in to feed them.

Toucan Antics

Flowers and Fungus

There were many lovely floral displays throughout the park. In addition, many of the trees had interesting fungal growth attached.

Hummingbirds and Butterflies

One aviary contained hummingbirds and butterflies. Shown here are the violet-capped wood-nymph hummingbird, the black jacobin hummingbird, and the blue-chested hummingbird.

Onward to Buenos Aires

The next leg of our journey took us to Buenos Aires where we stayed at the Caesar Park Hotel.

Argentine Israelite Mutual Association

Our exploration of Buenos Aires began with many Jewish historical and cultural sites. We saw the memorial at the site of the Israel Embassy Square. The embassy that stood there was destroyed by a terrorist attack in 1992. We also visited the new Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (AIMA) building. The old one was bombed in 1994.

We enjoyed Yaacov Agam's kinetic sculpture at the AIMA. As you moved around the sculpture, the picture changed with each angle.

Yesod Hadat Sephardic Congregation

This is an eastern style synagogue built by people who emigrated from Syria.

Golden Arches

The shopping mall in Buenos Aires has two different McDonald's restaurants. One is kosher and the other is not. Can only have cheeseburgers at one...

La Recoleta Cemetery

It was interesting to wander around this old cemetery. It has 4691 vaults, all above ground, spread out over 14 acres. Notable people interred here include Eva Peron, several presidents, and some Noble prize winners.