Robin's Adventures

Arctic Circle, Greenland, and Iceland
Jewels of the North

Spectacular Sunset

The setting sun made a colorful backdrop for the beauty of Scoresby Sund.

Scoresby Sond

Deep within Scoresby Sond we prepared to get a closer look at the icebergs from our zodiac. The surrounding mountains and glaciers were spectacular.

Between the Icebergs

Viewing the icebergs from the water level gave them a whole different perspective. We could see interesting textures and patterns in the ice and the reflection of the sun off of the ice crystals added an elegant sparkle.

We also enjoyed some of the colorful tundra plants along the shore of the fjord.

Incredible Icebergs

The motion of the sea caused interesting erosional patterns giving each iceberg its unique shape. Like snowflakes, no two were alike.

We also came upon a ringed seal fishing for his lunch near the icebergs.

More Incredible Icebergs

According to experts, about 40,000 medium to large size icebergs are formed each year from Greenland glaciers. I got lots of cool photos, but not all 40,000.

BBQ on Deck

The scenery in Scoresby Sund was so beautiful and the weather was comparatively warm, so we were able to enjoy a wonderful BBQ on the deck of Le Boreal.

Danmark Island

We spent the afternoon hiking around Danmark Island in Scoresby Sund. There were many interesting rock formations to explore and lots of different arctic tundra plants.

Arctic Flora

The word tundra means "treeless plain" in Finnish. Generally only small or stunted plants grow there because the ground is too hard or frozen for the root growth needed to sustain a larger plant or a tree. During the summer, the plants flower and live out their short life cycle with great gusto making spectacular displays of color.

Sensational Sunset

Watching the sun go down over the waters of Scoresby Sund was sensational.

Husavik, Iceland

We arrived at the small port town of Husavik in Iceland and disembarked the ship for a full day of exploration.