Robin's Adventures

Tahiti 2014
A Tropical Adventure

Off to the Tropics

Spring break was very late this year. It actually occurred after the end of tax season. Such perfect timing meant we were able to plan a tropical getaway. We boarded a plane at LAX and 8 1/2 hours later found ourselves in Papeete on the island of Tahiti.

Papette Market

We began our full day city tour as soon as we left the airport. The Papette Market was our first stop. There was an amazing assortment of colorful fruits and vegetables that were local to the island. We saw vanilla beans, ginger root, rambutan, starfruit, plantains, breadfruit, taro root, daikon radishes, and bitter-gourd.

Fish at Papette Market

The fish displays were very colorful. Many of the fish were varieties that we would later encounter while snorkeling.

Butcher and Baker at the Papeete Market

Fresh meat and baked goods were also on display at the market.

Government Buildings

The Town Hall is a modern structure that was built in 1990, but it was built in the style of the 19th century Queen's palace that used to be in the same location. We also saw the Assembly of French Polynesia and the Presidential Palace. In the gardens near the Assembly, is Gauguin's banyan tree. Painter Paul Gauguin used to sit in the tree drinking absinth while seeking inspiration for his work. There are numerous churches of a variety of denominations all across the island.

Historic Sites

Pointe Venus Lighthouse, built in 1867, is the only lighthouse in Tahiti. At this same location, there is a monument to commemorate Captain James Cook's 1769 observation of the Transit of Venus. The crew of the HMS Bounty also spent some time at this location in 1788.

Lush Greenery

Fruit trees are all over the island and provide a plentiful bounty for the people who live there. There was an abundance of coconuts, breadfruit, plantains, and pineapple guava.

Fabulous Flowers

The tropical climate created a wonderful environment for some beautiful flowers. We saw Tahitian gardenias, the Ylang-Ylang flower, which is popular in perfumes, the flower of the sea poison tree, red and pink ginger flowers, gabon tulips, butterfly ginger, the pagoda plant, heliconias in both red and orange, and the Frangipani flower.

Wonderful Waterfalls

As we drove around the island, waterfalls would pop up at regular intervals.

Beautiful Beaches

The black sand beaches were beautiful. There were many small islands off shore that added to the beautiful ocean view. Paddle surfing is also very popular throughout the islands.