Robin's Adventures

Tahiti 2014
A Tropical Adventure

Random Birds

There were not a lot of unusual birds on the island, but there were free roaming chickens and roosters that would pop up in random places. We also saw some common mynahs and zebra doves.

Arahoho Blow Hole

There is a hole in the rocks along the cliff face near the shoreline. When the tide is up and the water hits just right, you can see a water shoot out of the hole like a geyser.

Lush Island Paradise

The amazing views and lush greenery that we saw all around the island were constant reminders of the affects of a tropical climate. Even paradise has its price though, so we also experienced humid weather and some annoying mosquito bites.

Maraa Fern Grotto

There is a large cave in the volcanic rock with a deep pool of clear water inside. Ferns hang from the ceiling near the entrance and water from underground springs drips from the ceiling deeper in the cave. The grotto is a very beautiful and peaceful spot surrounded by some walking trails and beautiful greenery.

Marae Arahurahu

A marae is an ancient meeting place or temple. The one at Arahurahu has been restored to its original appearance and is preserved as a museum. It is still used during local holidays for the reenactment of Polynesian ceremonies.

Off to Moorea

After a whole day exploring the island of Tahiti, we were ready to move on to the island of Moorea, a relaxing ferry ride away. Our first view of Moorea revealed some beautiful volcanic peaks covered with lush green tropical forests.

Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort

We spent our first night in a wonderful bungalow with a private dunking pool on the deck and then moved to an over water bungalow the second night.

Beautiful Birds

There were lovely gardens with mosaic turtles in front of the lobby and a fun koi pond near the dining room. We always saved some bread from our breakfast to feed the koi. The birds we saw were the Chestnut-breasted Mannikin, the Common Mynah, and the Red Vented Bulbul.

Room Service

Room service was readily available and brought to you by boat.

Ocean Views

As we drove around the island, there were some great overlooks which provided beach views. The water was clear enough that you could tell where the reefs were located. We were also lucky enough to see a pod of 5 or 6 dolphins.