Robin's Adventures

Tahiti 2014
A Tropical Adventure

Random Animals

We saw chickens and roosters roaming freely just about everywhere. They were wandering by the side of the road, standing at the base of waterfalls, climbing the rock walls at ancient ruins, and, of course, on my dinner plate.

Titiroa Marae Religious Site

The Polynesian people had open air religious sites built of stone. These areas were important not just due to their religious significance, but also as centers for family and social gatherings.

Island Bounty

Moorea was lush and green everywhere. We saw beautiful red mountain apple flowers, a whole plantation of pineapple plants, vanilla beans still on the vine, breadfruit, and the ever ubiquitous coconut.

Volcanic Ridges

Our tour of the island revealed some beautiful scenery. Moorea is surrounded by rugged volcanic ridges. The volcanic soil is very fertile, so the island was very lush and green.

Snorkeling in Moorea

There were wonderful coral gardens teeming with fish just waiting to be explored. We put on our snorkel and jumped right in. The water was pleasantly warm and the clearest we had ever seen in any ocean habitat.

Fabulous Fish

We were surrounded by an amazing array of fish in many sizes, shapes, and colors. Each seemed to have its own unique personality and all were beautifully adapted to life in a coral reef. Some of the fish we saw were the scissortail sergeant major, the Picasso triggerfish, the longfin pennantfish, the threadfin butterflyfish, the Pacific spadefish, the checkerboard wrasse, and the convict tang surgeonfish.

Back in the Bungalow

We relaxed on the deck and enjoyed the view as the sun began to set over Moorea.

Romantic Beach Dinner

Steve, ever the romantic, arranged to surprise me with a private dinner on the beach. We sat under the stars with the waves gently rolling along the shore and a warm tropical breeze blowing through our hair. The meal was perfect and the evening was magical. We especially enjoyed the unexpected dinner guests... crabs running along the water's edge foraging for food. They gladly accepted when we tossed them scraps of bread. A good time was had by all.

Reef Sharks

As we walked along the pier back to our bungalow, we could see the black tipped reef sharks that had gathered to hang out for "happy hour" in the well lit water near the bar.

Sharks and Rays Excursion

We had a wonderful opportunity to go out on a boat to a place that was known for its shark and ray population. We had a great time interacting with the stingrays and swimming near the sharks.