Robin's Adventures

Tahiti 2014
A Tropical Adventure

Snorkeling in Tahaa

The coral gardens at Tahaa were more difficult to get to, but well worth the trek. We saw some amazing fish, including Pacific double-saddle butterflyfish, peacock grouper, ringtail surgeonfish, rabbitfish, rainbow wrasse, and some triggerfish.

More Fish

While snorkeling in Tahaa, we also saw bird-nose wrasse, titan triggerfish, orange-lined triggerfish, Pacific double-saddle butterflyfish, yellowtail tang, dusky surgeonfish, palenose parrotfish, bird wrasse, Pacific spadefish, and sixbar wrasse.

Interesting Invertibrates

While exploring, we also came across a sea cucumber, spiny sea urchins, and large clams.

Swimming with the Fishes on Tahaa

Check out this video of our snorkeling adventures on Tahaa.

Island Hopping Again

Time to depart Tahaa and head to Bora Bora. Our luggage was picked up from the bungalow by bicycle and loaded onto a boat at the dock in Tahaa. The boat took us to Raiatea where we caught an airplane to Bora Bora. We were met at the airport by a boat which took us to the Four Seasons Hotel on Bora Bora.

Four Seasons Hotel

We found ourselves once again in a peaceful over water bungalow with a lovely mountain view.

Giant Manta Rays

Went out on a boat with a guide to explore all of the best snorkeling locations around the island. On our first stop, we were lucky enough to find some giant manta rays. The water here was pretty deep and the manta rays were not used to swimming near humans. We were really surprised about how very large they were: at least six to eight feet across.

Something Really Fishy

We had lots of fun with all of the fish in Bora Bora. Check out the video.

Sharks Again

We saw more of the black tipped reef sharks.

Shark Antics

Check out this video of the sharks we saw in Bora Bora.