Robin's Adventures

Tahiti 2014
A Tropical Adventure

Snorkeling in Bora Bora

Fish everywhere we looked. This was a wonderful snorkeling spot.

More Fish

Surrounded by fish.

Beautiful Bora Bora

Mount Otemanu rises above the ocean on one side and beautiful sandy beaches stretch along another side. The water shimmers in clear shades of blue and green in the ocean and in the lagoon. Bora Bora is incredibly scenic.

Sunset over Bora Bora

The sun sets slowly over another day in paradise.

Bloody Mary

Took a boat ride into town to try a well known local restaurant called Bloody Mary's. The place was colorful. There were no walls in the dining area and there was sand on the floor. The menu was a display of all of the fresh fish and meat that was available laid out on plates over ice by the front entrance. You looked at the choices, listened to your preparation options, and pointed to what you wanted before heading off to your table. We sat on hard wooden tree stump stools as we ate our dinner. The place was packed, but not just by tourists. It was indeed an interesting place to try.

Snorkeling at the Four Seasons Lagoon

The lagoon at the Four Seasons was a man made environment. After all of the snorkeling we had done in the ocean, it was rather disappointing to swim here. There was a large blue bag that the fish could go to for food and they all hung around there. There were some beautiful fish, but it just wasn't the same.

Heading for Home

We had a wonderful week in paradise, but the time had come to return to reality. We took a boat to the airport in Bora-Bora, flew to Raiatea and then to Papeete. After a long wait in Papette for the international terminal to open, we finally boarded a flight for home. On the long flight, we closed our eyes, drifted off to sleep, and dreamed about swimming with lots of colorful fish.