Robin's Adventures

Three Weddings
Kevin and Nina Tie the Knot


We began to dance the night away.

Special Moments

Arthur makes a toast to the happy couple and Kevin prepares to serenade his bride with a sweet trumpet melody.

Let there be Cake

A Special Thank You

Kevin and Nina expressed their gratitude to family and friends. It has been a magical evening.

Taiwan Wedding

Pictures of the bride and groom greeted gusts as they arrived for the wedding.

Getting Ready

Beautiful Tables

The tables were nicely set up with both chop sticks and silverware at the head table.

The Ceremony

Although there was not a formal ceremony, like in the Annapolis or California Weddings, there was definitely a sense of ceremony as Nina's parents gave their daughter in marriage to Kevin.

First Tina and Ryan walked down the aisle, followed by Robin and Steve. Then Kevin came in with Sho-ching and stopped half way down the aisle. Nina appeared with her father, Ray-yu. There was bowing and hugging and Kevin and Nina finished walking down the aisle together.

Champagne and Cake

The bride and groom poured champagne into a tower of glasses and then used a ceremonial sword to cut the cake. Although the cake was huge, only the top layer was real.

A Very Happy Occasion