Robin's Adventures

Three Weddings
Kevin and Nina Tie the Knot

Our Hosts

Nina's parents, Ray-yu and Show-ching were very gracious hosts. It was also nice to finally meet Nina's sister, Tina.

Twelve Course Meal

The dinner consisted of a very elegant twelve course meal of traditional Taiwanese foods. Somewhere in the midst of the courses, a chicken dish arrived for a very grateful mother of the groom.

The Happy Couple

This is the third wedding for Kevin and Nina. They still only have eyes for each other.

Special Moments

Although dancing is not normally a part of a traditional Taiwanese wedding, Kevin and Nina still shared a dance.

Midway through the party, the couple left for a clothing change. Kevin had on a different shirt and tie and Nina changed into a beautiful red gown. When they came back to the party they handed out red roses to all of the women.

Good Night to One and All

As the evening came to an end, the couple changed outfits yet again. Nina appeared in a sparkling silver gown and Kevin wore a coordinating grey shirt and tie. As the guests departed, each was given a box with something sweet as they wished the couple well and said their good-byes.

Room Service

Back in the room after a wonderful evening, it was time to have a midnight snack and eat something a little more familiar.

Happily Ever After

We said our good nights, and the happy couple drifted off back to their bridal suite. Everyone went to sleep after our long day and dreamed of a wonderful "happily ever after" for Kevin and Nina.