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Still More Charming Chimpanzees

Chimpanzee Shenanigans

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Butterfly Bounty

We were amazed at the large numbers of colorful butterflies in the Kibale Forest.

Other Tiny Treasures

Besides all the butterflies we saw large numbers of other interesting insects, a beautiful Blue Headed Tree Agami Lizard, and a very colorful spider.

Mangabeys and Colobus Monkeys

As we were heading back through the forest after our chimpanzee encounter, we came across some mangabeys just hanging out in the trees.

We also saw some Black and White Colobus Monkeys resting in the trees in the afternoon heat. When we got back to our lodge, we saw more climbing on the wooden walkway.

Great Blue Turaco

We managed to find a very shy bird called the Great Blue Turaco. It is brightly colored in blue and yellow with a crest on its head. The beak is yellow with a bright red tip that looks like the bird put on a bit of lipstick before going out for the day.

We also saw a Black-Headed Weaver, a Pied Wagtail, and a Masked Shrike.

Journey to Queen Elizabeth Park

The journey from Kibale to Queen Elizabeth Park took about three and a half hours by car.

Along the way we had a picnic that was packed in a Ugandan "lunch bag."

As we made the trek through various different villages, we were able to observe the people of Uganda as they went about their daily business. The lifestyle that we saw was very different from our own, but everyone that we saw was industrious and very friendly.

Using Your Head

People transported various goods by walking long distances and carrying the items on their heads. Since most homes did not have running water, nearly everyone carried plastic containers to a water source, filled them up, and carried them home.

Bicycle Deliveries

It was amazing to see just how much people could load on their bikes.