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Expedition to Africa
Safari Adventures

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is Africa's largest lake and we wanted to check it out. Steve had arranged for a half day fishing excursion. It turned out to be a very relaxing boat ride, but the only thing we actually caught was a tangle of fishing line with several crabs stuck in the mess.

We did enjoy the trees along the shore that were filled with egrets and cormorants. We also saw some Maribu Storks standing on the shore with their wings spread out to dry.

Heading for Home

As the sun sank low over the African savanna, we headed to the airport to begin our journey home. It would take us about 30 hours in all, with 21 hours in the air on three different flights.

As we prepared to land at LAX we saw the familiar Los Angeles skyline from the window of the aircraft. Traffic was heavy, so we drove home along the Pacific Coast Highway and enjoyed the ocean view. It felt good to be home.