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The African Penguin has a noticeable patch of pink skin over their eyes that is used to regulate their body temperature. Many of the penguins on the beach were sitting on nests. Those that were not proved to be quite entertaining as they walked along the beach or swam in the ocean.

More Penguins

Penguin Shenanigans

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Our next stop was at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. The gardens are located in a beautiful setting in the foothills at the base of Table Mountain. The garden was established in 1913, but is well maintained and nicely presented so that guests can get a feel for native South African plants and flowers as well as birds.

Abundant Flowers

Among the flowers we saw were the king protea, which is the national flower of South Africa, and the pincushion protea in a variety of colors. There was also a children's garden with a delightful multi-branched tree for kids of all ages to climb on.

Wonderful Birds

While wandering through the gardens, we saw a Southern Double-Collard Sunbird, some Helmeted Guineafowl, a family of Egyptian Geese, a Hadida Ibis, and a Spotted Eagle-Owl.

Travel Snafu

The plan was to fly from Cape Town to Johannesburg to Entebbe. Our flight to Johannesburg was canceled and we were put on a slightly later flight. This caused us to just barely miss our connecting flight.

In Johannesburg, we managed to get a flight to Nairobi that would allow us to get on a Rwanda Air Express flight to Entebbe. We finally made it to Entebbe at 1:15 am. Unfortunately, our luggage would not catch up to us for several days.

We managed to get a cab that took us on a long drive through a rather colorful and unsavory part of town to our hotel: Lake Victoria Serena.

Beautiful Downtown Entebbe

Because we didn't spend enough time at airports yesterday, this morning we headed back to the airport for yet another flight to Murchison Falls. Along the way we enjoyed the sights that Entebbe had to offer.

Small Businesses in Entebbe

As we drove down the road, we passed many small furniture stores, dress shops, and grocery establishments.

Flight to Murchison Falls

After a bit of a delay at the airport, we boarded a small bush plane for our flight to Murchison Falls. We got a birds eye view of Entebbe after take off.

As we neared our destination, our pilot was kind enough to provide an aerial view of the falls before heading off to the landing strip.