Robin's Adventures

Beautiful Island

So Many Culinary Choices

The food stalls at the night market have many interesting choices. The smells were overpowering and made our mouths water. Some of the foods were familiar, but for us many were unidentifiable. Steve bravely tried some of the local fare.

More Local Foods

The foods at the night market were all beautifully displayed and very popular with all of the locals. We enjoyed people watching as much as we enjoyed looking at the items that were for sale in each booth.

Other Interesting Wares

You can buy just about anything at the night market...

More Familiar Fare

After the night market, we found a food court in a shopping mall that had roasted chicken. They handed us some disposable rubber gloves, a couple of plates, and a whole chicken. After we removed the head so the chicken wasn't staring at us, it was very tasty. Ryan, of course, enjoyed a burger and fries from the local McDonald's.

Food Court Adventures

Even though we could find familiar things at the food court, it was still very apparent that we were "not in Kansas anymore"...

Kevin and Nina Tie the Knot

The wedding was a lovely affair. There was a 12 course meal and constant banter from a mistress of ceremonies. We are not certain what she said, because it was all in Mandarin, but the other guests seemed to enjoy the commentary and a good time was had by all.

Tired Travelers

We had a wonderful week in Taiwan. Our last stop before the airport was at Nina's family home.

Heading for Home

Seven weary travelers with nine pieces of luggage made our way through the Tainan airport. We shared a most memorable adventure and now it is time to head for home.