Robin's Adventures

Central and Eastern Europe
An Adventure Steeped in History

More Kunsthistorisches Museum

There were wonderful exhibits of medieval armor and Egyptian antiquities at the museum.

Natural History Museum

The Vienna Natural History Museum, which has more than 30 million specimens and artifacts, has the largest meteorite collection in the world.

We also took a picture of our thermal images and very much enjoyed the exhibit that showed how a thermal camera works .

More Natural History Museum

The entire first floor of the Natural History Museum displays taxidermied animal species from all over the world. The number and variety of animals on display was quite impressive.

Collection of Arms and Armor

One wing of the Imperial Hofburg Palace, referred to as the Neue Burg or New Castle, houses some very interesting museums. The collection of arms and armor, in spite of their wonderful displays, seemed somewhat out of place in the elegant rooms of the palace.

As Steve pointed out while looking at one display of armor, \"one of those knights can't seem to get ahead.\"

Collection of Ancient Musical Instruments

The Collection of Ancient Musical Instruments at the Neue Burg displayed some amazing renaissance and baroque instruments, including many instruments that had belonged to famous composers.

Here is a look at some interesting brass and wind instruments that look and sound very different from the instruments in use today.

More from the Collection of Ancient Musical Instruments

We were also intrigued by the beautiful renaissance and baroque stringed instruments.

Freud Museum

The Freud Museum is set up in Sigmund Freud's former office and living quarters.

Freud lived and worked here for nearly 40 years, from 1891 to 1938. When the Nazis moved into Austria in 1938, Freud took his family and fled to England.

Many of the furnishings and artifacts on display are original, including a short film, narrated by Freud's youngest daughter, showing members of the Freud family in the 1930s.

Heading for Home

The time had come to head for home and our journey took us from Vienna to London and then, after a brief 2 1/2 hour layover, on to Los Angeles. Total flight time: 13 1/2 hours.

We were both glad to be home, sleeping in our own bed, and already dreaming about our next adventure.