Robin's Adventures

An Asian Adventure

Culinary Adventures

During our visit to China we were challenged to move outside our comfort zone each time we sat down to a meal. Steve is a very adventurous eater and found quite a bit of food that he enjoyed in China, although there were definitely places where he drew the line. Steve especially enjoyed the dumplings and the Peking Duck.

Robin has a much more limited palate when it comes to dining, even at home. Chicken, always a staple for Robin, was very different in China... with so much bone, cartilage, fat, and skin, it was difficult to find the small morsels of actual meat. Fortunately, Robin came prepared with turkey jerky and protein bars.

The Dinner Show

Observe the antics of a shield bug as he performs a special dance on our dinner table in Beijing, China.

There's No Place Like Home!

Our sense of adventure is such that we have always had a strong desire to see things that are new, different, and interesting. We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to see and experience unique things during our travels.

It is always nice, however, to return to the comforts of home and things that are familiar where we will happily remain... until the next adventure.