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An Asian Adventure

More Beautiful Karst Formations

The ever changing view never ceased to amaze us. The guide told stories and legends about some of the formations. The last photo, for example, is called Nine Horse Fresco Hill. There are supposed to be 9 horses in a variety of different poses on the cliff face and if you can spot them all it is a sign of great intelligence.

Birds, Buffalo, Boats, and Caves

Along the river we we delighted to see a variety of animal life, including pied crows, red tailed hawks, and water buffalo. There were also quite a few small caves that we could see in places where the water had eroded away the limestone rock.

Yangshuo Village

Our excursion down the Li River ended in Yangshuo Village. We were able to take a small golf cart type of conveyance from the river to the main street.

The village had many narrow streets with small shops as well as small waterways that wound around between shops and homes. It was clear to see that tourism was a major influence on the development of this village.

Interesting Items in Yangshuo Village

As we meandered up and down the streets we saw some unique wares offered for sale.

There were wine bottle covers that looked like Chinese shirts and hot dogs on sticks that were surrounded by fried eggs and covered with catsup.

There were rice and meat concoctions that were wrapped and tied in leaves and there were all sorts of interesting fruits, like the spiny jackfruit.

Rural Yangshuo

On the outskirts of the town we came across some interesting farms with wonderful views of the karst formations. The cows were grazing, the rice was growing, and the roosters were huddled under a tree trying to keep dry in the rain.

Rolling on the Li River

The limestone karst formations provided a beautiful backdrop for people who were out on bamboo rafts floating peacefully down the river. We stood on a bridge overlooking the river and enjoyed watching the rafts as they made their way down the river.


It took us about an hour and a half to fly to Chongqing. We spent most of the day touring the city before boarding our ship for the three day river cruise through the Three Gorges.

Stilwell Museum

This museum is located in the office and residence used by General "Vinegar Joe" Stilwell during World War II. Stilwell served as the allied Chief of Staff in China and he also spearheaded the U.S. Lend-Lease program in China.

Three Gorges Museum

The Three Gorges Museum has exhibits detailing the development of the three gorges area as well as the building of the dam and the effect it had on local communities. Other exhibits deal with the history of Chongqing.

Across the courtyard is an interesting circular building called the Great Hall of the People which serves as a meeting place for local legislative bodies.

More Museum Exhibits

There were many interesting masks, statues, and other artifacts that dealt with the ancient history of Chongqing.