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Melk Abbey

Although founded in 1089, the current abbey was built between 1702 and 1736. The abbey is noted for having an extensive collection of medieval manuscripts. There is a monastic school at the abbey that currently has about 900 students.

Abbey Museum

The abbey has an extensive museum and a great marble hall with beautifully painted ceilings and intricate sculptures.

Interesting Artifacts

One of the more interesting artifacts in the museum was a carved ivory box that was said to be the oldest item in the abbey. The box was designed to hold religious relics.

Recycling Overdone

We are into recycling, but there comes a point where you have to draw the line. In order to save wood and hasten decomposition, a royal decree issued in 1784 by Emperor Joseph II required the use of a reusable coffin. A lever on the side of the coffin opens a trap door and drops the body into the grave so the coffin can be used again. The protests from the people were so bad, however, that the law was rescinded.

Inside the Church

The church at Melk Abbey was embellished with massive amounts of marble and some incredible frescoes. There are huge organ pipes near the rear of the church.


Passau is located at a place where the Danube meets the Inn River and the IIz River. The old town section lies on a peninsula with rivers nearly surrounding it. There are narrow cobblestone streets and baroque style buildings. Shops have guild signs hanging over the door and even the manhole covers are decorative.

Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall building dates from the late fourteenth century. The outside is covered with paintings and there is a chart on the front of the building showing the high water levels during years when the river has flooded. The inside is beautifully decorated with dark woods and historical paintings.

Bishop's Library

The Bishop's Residence is an 18th century building with beautifully designed staircases that have stucco facades and frescoes on the ceiling. The top floor houses an interesting library with lots of old manuscripts and many interesting artifacts.

Saint Stephen's Cathedral

Saint Stephen's is a baroque style church that was built in 1668. The world's largest cathedral organ, with 17,774 pipes and 233 registers is at St. Stephen's.

More Saint Stephen's Cathedral

The inside of the church has elaborate plaster work and frescoes. The pipes for the organ were massive.