Robin's Adventures

Danube River Cruise
A River Adventure

Fine Dining

There were lots of interesting restaurants in Prague. One place had a roaster with a fresh pig on display. One night Steve sampled the roasted pork. He said it was delicious. Robin found schnitzel to be more to her liking.

Always one to try the local fare, Steve tried a Czech beer called Pilsner beer. He found it to be most agreeable.

Always Room for Dessert

Prague is one of those cities where you can easily linger in a small sidewalk cafe in old town and be surrounded by an amazing view of uniquely beautiful buildings and a constant buzz of activity all around you.

The cafes all have beautifully crafted desserts that looked and tasted like nothing we could ever get back home. It was fun to relax, people watch, and indulge our taste buds while we enjoyed all that this beautiful city had to offer. It was a great way to spend an afternoon.

Homeward Bound

We enjoyed the journey on our Danube River Cruise, but the time has come to return home. Looking forward to sweet dreams with my head on my own pillow. As corny as it sounds, there's no place like home... until the next adventure!