Robin's Adventures

In the Woods
Our Adventures in Montana and Wyoming

Bags are Packed and Ready to Go

Our adventure started out as a fly fishing trip, but when we found a place to fish that was close to Yellowstone National Park we decided to double our fun and do a little bit of sight seeing in the park as well.

Home away from Home

We stayed in a beautiful cabin right on the Madison River. There were views overlooking the river and we were able to watch large flocks of birds go by as well as numerous deer.

Wonderful Wildlife

The beauty of having a cabin right on the river is that it provides a front row seat to a well traveled wildlife corridor. We saw flocks of pelicans and avocets along the water in the early morning and again at dusk. One morning we saw a sandhill crane. On several days, we also saw deer meandering through the tall grasses near the river.

You Know you are in Montana When ...

It was obvious that we were not in Los Angeles anymore. The nearest small town to our cabin was Ennis and the decor is very different than it is back home.

Go with the Flow

We found it really easy to fall into the relaxed pace.

Start the day with a Song

Every morning we were serenaded by an industrious Robin that stood on the deck railing at the back of the cabin. It was a nice way to begin our day.

Robin's Song


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Fly Fishing Fun

We spent two days on the Madison River with a guide. We suited up in our waders, donned our hats and sunscreen, and applied mosquito repellent (which did not seem to help much). We piled into one boat and our friends into another as our fishing adventure began.

The sun was shining, the breeze was refreshing, the water was clear and beautiful, and most importantly, the fish were biting.

Reeling in the Fish

Steve caught quite a few fish each day. Here are some of his favorite fish photos.