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Tales of the South Pacific
A Tropical Island Adventure


We made a visit to a store that made and sold batik fabric. We learned that batik is made by applying bee's wax to fabric in a specific design, then the material is dyed, and then the wax is removed by heating it and rubbing it off. The dye will cover only the areas without the wax.

A Typical Balinese Home

Traditional homes in Bali are a series of structures built within a compound surrounded by a wall. There are a series of pavilions within the compound that surround a central courtyard.

        <p>The pavilions are not enclosed on all sides and the function of the pavilions can vary.  Some are designed as sleeping areas or as places to receive guests.  <p/>

        <p>There is also a family shrine within the compound.  This will have one or more structures dedicated to Hindu gods or to family ancestors.  <p/>

Bajra Sandhi Monument

The Bajra Sandhi Monument, which is located next to the governor's office, is dedicated to the people of Bali in commemoration of their struggles throughout their history.

Inside the monument is a museum with 33 dioramas that illustrate important moments in the history of Bali.

The spiral staircase leads to the top of the monument and provides excellent views of the surrounding city and countryside.

Fresh Fish

Jimbaran Bay is an area with white sand beaches and wonderful seafood restaurants. Our dining experience began by selecting the fresh fish that we wanted. The fish was then weighed, seasoned, and thrown onto the grill.

We had a delightful ocean view and enjoyed a serenade from musicians who strolled down the beach and stopped at all of the restaurants to provide entertainment.

Four Seasons Resort Bali

Our last night in Bali was spent in the Jimbaran Bay area close to the beaches and also near the airport. We stayed in the Four Seasons Hotel.

Feathered Friends

Sitting on the deck with a diet Coke and my camera was a wonderful way to start my last morning in Bali and to capture some delightful bird photos in the process.

Shown here are a yellow-vented bulbul and a zebra dove.

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple is one of Bali's sea temples, designed to honor the gods of the sea and, along with the other sea temples that surround the island, to provide a protective spiritual ring around the island.

The temple is located at the edge of a cliff that is about 230 feet above the Indian Ocean. The views were breathtaking, especially at sunset.

The temple was on a large plateau surrounded by gardens and forest areas with walking paths. Near one fountain was a statue of a character from Indian mythology named Kumbhakarna. The statue shows him battling some monkey warriors.

Uluwatu Temple Monkeys

The monkeys who live near the Uluwatu Temple have quite a racket going. They love to take people's hats, glasses, cell phones, and other personal belongings. Staff at the temple then offer them fruit in order to get back the stolen items.

Experts on primate behavior have studied these Macaque monkeys and data suggests that they have not only learned to barter, but also have passed this skill on to their offspring and to any new monkeys who are introduced to the area.

We also spotted a yellow vented bulbul hanging out in the trees waiting for an opportune moment to share in some of the monkey's bounty.

Balinese Kecak and Fire Dance

In a crowded clifftop amphitheater overlooking the Uluwatu Temple and the Indian Ocean 230 feet below, we watched a unique and intriguing performance that involved song, dance, and a dramatic performance of an epic mythological tale.

It begins with about 75 men wearing black and white checked sarongs chanting, swaying, and moving their arms in a rhythmic wave. There is no instrumental music in the performance, only the hypnotic, percussive, rhythmic chanting by these men.

The story, which has many complicated twists and turns, involves a demon king, a prince, a damsel in distress, and a heroic monkey.

As the drama unfolds, the sunset over the cliff provides an amazing backdrop and, as darkness falls, the story reaches a dramatic climax when the monkey king sets fire to the castle.

Balinese Kecak and Fire Dance Video

Through the magic of video editing, you can watch highlights of the hour and a half performance in under two minutes. Be sure to listen to the sound.