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Adventures in the Mediterranean and Middle East
Running through Ruins

Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is primarily used as the Pope's own chapel, although it is also used by the Sacred College of Cardinals when they meet to elect a new pope.

While the outside of the building is somewhat plain and unadorned, the inside is decorated on the walls and ceiling by some really amazing frescoes that were painted by Renaissance masters. Especially noteworthy is the ceiling and front wall that were painted by Michelangelo.

Vatican Museum

The Vatican Museums, which display a variety of works of art that were collected over the centuries by the popes, contain more than 70,000 pieces. There are 54 galleries and the museum is one of the largest on earth.

More Vatican Museum

The Vatican Museum, which was founded in the 16th century by Pope Julius II, contains many of the most noteworthy paintings and sculptures of the Renaissance Era. One wonders why some of the riches in these works of art are not used to provide for hospitals and schools or help those who are in extreme poverty.

Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain, which is the largest Baroque fountain in Rome, is about 161 feet wide and 86 feet high. Construction of the fountain, which is made primarily from travertine stone, was completed in 1762.

Ancient Romans believed that throwing a coin into water would provide them with a safe journey and help them get back home without incident. People today hold a similar belief relating to the Trevi Fountain. Tradition says that if you throw a coin into the fountain, you will Return to Rome. About $3,400 is thrown into Trevi Fountain each day. The money is collected and used by a charitable foundation to provide groceries for needy families.

Since it was time for us to pack our bags and head for home, we pulled out our coins and tossed them into the fountain. We are looking forward to many more safe journeys in the future!