Robin's Adventures

Morocco, Spain, & Portugal
A Picturesque Adventure

More Pena Palace

The castle was used by the royal family until the revolution in 1910 when it was once again abandoned. It has recently been renovated and opened to the public as a tourist attraction.


Just as we were preparing to leave Pena Palace, the sky opened up with a heavy rain. By the time we got down to the town of Sintra, we were somewhat waterlogged and felt that this would be a good time to duck into a warm, dry restaurant for lunch. By the time we finished our meal, the rain had stopped, we were considerably drier, and we were ready to explore.

We wandered along the cobblestone streets and poked our heads into many of the quaint shops in this beautiful old town. On the hilltop overlooking the town is the 8th century Castle of the Moors, which was completely hidden by fog during the rainstorm.

Heading for Home

We had a wonderful time exploring Morocco, Spain, and Portugal, but the time had come to head for home. We flew from Lisbon to Frankfort and, after a brief layover, on to Los Angeles. The total flight time was about 15 hours. There's no place like home and we will blissfully enjoy our time there ... until the next adventure.