Robin's Adventures

Sri Lanka
The Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Cricket Club

Cricket is a popular sport in Sri Lanka. We visited the Nondescripts Cricket Club and watched a couple of teams practicing on the field. The most interesting part, at least for me, was not the guys on the field with bats, but rather the bats flying above the field.

The bats flying by were Indian flying foxes (Pteropus giganteus), which is one of the largest bats in the world. These bats eat fruits and nectar and they often roost in large groups in the tops of trees.

Heading for Home

Our adventure in Sri Lanka was coming to an end and it was time to head for home. We had a very long journey ahead: a 4 hour and 40 minute flight from Colombo to Dubai, a 2 1/2 hour layover, and a 16 hour and 15 minute flight from Dubai to LAX... almost 21 hours in the air and a distance of 10,613 miles. It will be good to be home!