Robin's Adventures

African Safari
African Adventures 2011

We stayed at the Sanctuary Kusini Camp in a tent that was built on a raised deck. We could enjoy the sights and sounds of nature from our tent or sitting on our deck.

Our morning began with coffee and Coke light on the deck surrounded by the sights and sounds of animals in the bush. After breakfast we would head out in our game drive vehicle to Seronera Valley to enjoy all that the Serengeti had to offer.

The giraffe were busy grazing. The young giraffe was just as graceful as his parents.

There are places throughout the Serengeti where random outcropings of rock stick out of the grassy plains. These beautiful and unique granite formations, called kopjes, look strangely incongruent as if they were placed there by an artist.

Different herds were often seen together grazing on the Serengeti plain. The morning was quiet and peaceful as we watched the animals eat their breakfast.

Game viewing was packed with one amazing sight after another. The Seronera Valley was teeming with activity. These are a few of our favorite photos of some of the animals we saw during our Serengeti adventure.

We saw several leopards during our game drive. They spend most of their time sitting in trees. When they make a kill, they drag it up the tree and eat it there.

Looks like something big is growing in that tree. Oh wait, those are baboons!

Here is another interesting tree, the "sausage tree."

We spent some time by a small pond to see if any animals would show up looking for water. It turned out to be a very active watering hole. It was especially popular among the zebra.