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African Safari
African Adventures 2011

Check out this video of the zebra at the watering hole.

Where there were lions, there were usually birds nearby waiting for them to make a kill. The leftovers were easy pickings for the birds.

When we stopped for a picnic lunch, we found that the hyrax had already taken over several tables in the picnic area. Our guide, Peter, told us that even though the hyrax are mammals, their ability to regulate their temperature is poor so they like to bask in the sun like reptiles.

They were more than happy to move under the tables and sit by our feet, however, in case we happened to drop something tasty.

As the sun began to set over the Serengeti, we sat on large pillows on a rocky outcrop next to the Kusini Camp. Drinks and hors d'oeuvres were served as we watched the sun go down. We then moved to the campfire area to relax before heading into the dining room for dinner.

The next morning we headed off for the airstrip to begin our journey from Tanzania to Kenya. Right next to the airstrip we made a brief stop to view a pride of lions that was relaxing in the sun.

We pulled the game drive vehicle right up to where the lions were sitting so we could get a better look. We stayed and watched the lions for quite a while until we heard the plane overhead.

In the minute it took us to get over to the airstrip the plane had landed and we were able to board immediately. Wish waiting for our flight could be as exciting at every airport!

This sleepy lion woke up long enough to bid us farewell on our journey.

The airstrip was very remote. It was basically a long narrow clearing with a windsock. No buildings, no baggage handlers, no bathroom! Our guide pulled right up to the airplane and the pilot got out of the plane and put the luggage in himself.

Today's journey would involve six different flights on small bush planes. There were a couple of times the pilot had to buzz the field to get the animals to move off of the airstrip so he could land.

A driver met us at the airstrip near the Masai Mara Game Reserve. As we were driving back to camp, we pulled up next to a game drive vehicle from the camp. Do we want to go back to camp and settle in or do we want to transfer to the game drive vehicle? No question in our minds; our luggage continued on to camp, but we had animals to see.

As we caught our first glimpse of the Masai Mara Game Reserve, the usual characters were there to greet us, topi, elan, warthogs, giraffe, and of course wildebeest and zebra.

It didn't matter which way we looked, there was always something interesting to see.