Robin's Adventures

African Safari
African Adventures 2011

As we drifted along over the river, we could see the hippos below.

After a gentle landing in an open area on the grassy plain, we sat down for breakfast. The red tablecloths were designed to scare away animals. The meal was gourmet all the way.

There was a set up for the chef in the field and there was a "bushbucks" station set up (the "in the bush" version of Starbucks) for beverages. It was a delightful way to spend our wedding anniversary.

After breakfast we went on yet another game drive. Our desire to observe animals in their natural habitat was not yet satiated. We saw hyena, topi, elephants and gazelle.

Watching the antics of the zebra never got old.

We learned that different patterns of the patches on a giraffe represent different species.

The distinctive umbrella shaped trees dotting the plains and the large areas of tall grasses gave some parts of the Masai Mara a sureal appearance. It looked like something Dr. Seuss might have dreamed up for one of his books.

The word Mara means "spotted" in the Maasai language and it describes the various trees and even shadows from clouds that look like spots on the grassy plain.

The lions blend in with the tall grasses and when they are laying down they are hard to spot. The vultures, however, provide a good clue as to where to look. These lions are guarding their kill and the vultures are waiting for the leftovers.

We passed by the tree where a leopard had been enjoying his meal earlier in the day and found that he had left behind a pretty well eaten carcass.

There is so much food available during the migrations, that the lions were pretty well satiated. We thought that the gazelle in this video would certainly end up on the lions menu, but the lion barely even glanced at the gazelle.

Vultures, on the other hand, always seem ready for a buffet.