Robin's Adventures

African Safari
African Adventures 2011

A black rhino walked across the road right near our game drive vehicle.

Check out this video of vultures feasting on a wildebeest.

Not all of the animals we saw were large like the rhino. We saw some impish little mongoose and some beautiful agave lizards.

We did much of our dining al fresco at the Olonana Camp. Breakfast was on the deck overlooking the river and one day we had a picnic under a tree in a grassy area in the game reserve.

Tea and pastries were served in the late afternoon. Then before dinner, drinks and hors d'oeuvres are served by the fireplace. We could easily get very used to this lifestyle!

We really enjoyed sitting on the deck outside our tent and watching the animals, especialy the hippos. It felt like they were putting on a show just for us.

The call of the hippo would often be the last thing we heard at night as we drifted off to sleep and the first thing we heard in the morning when we woke.

Enthralled, we took lots of hippo video. Here is a much edited version of our favorite hippo shenanigans.

Perhaps the most captivating events that we witnessed at the Masai Mara were the migrating herds crossing the Mara River. Pictures can't really capture the enormity of these events. Thousands of animals were involved and each time we saw a crossing, it lasted a couple of hours.

Wildebeest are herd animals and they tend to follow rather than think for themselves. If the animal in the front selected a difficult place to cross, everyone behind blindly followed. Many animals died in the process. Many others made a successful crossing.

The cacophony of wildebeest lowing and zebra barking during a crossing is amazing. There is a sense of frenzied urgency, especially among the wildebeest.

The scene is one of mass confusion as one animal after another jumps into the water and swims with everything he's got to the other side.

Sometimes the wildebeest met with unexpected obsticles. An unhappy hippo attempts to send these wildebeest packing.

In this video, an unfortunate wildebeest met up with a hungry crocodile.