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African Safari
African Adventures 2011

This video shows the highlights of a crossing of the Mara River by a herd of wildebeest.

Notice in this video how much calmer and more organized the zebra are about crossing the Mara River.

Here is a herd of game vehicles watching the crossing at the Mara River. You can hear the cacophony of camera clicking from this large herd.

Downstream from the crossing is always a very gruesome sight. The carcasses of the animals that were unsuccessful float down the river to where the scavengers are anxiously waiting.

The vultures and marabou stork feast on the bloated bodies of the dead wildebeest. We also saw a monitor lizard enjoying the bounty.

Check out this video as monitor lizard enjoys feasting on a wildebeest.

It is not safe to walk around the game reserve because of the potential for being attacked by an animal. We did, however, manage to arrange for a couple of nature walks.

We went out with a Maasai tribesman (named Bensen) and were accompanied by a guard who had a semi-automatic rifle.

We never did find a "roller" dung beetle, but we did see some tunnels made by army ants. Then we saw a trail of army ants who had raided a termite mound and were returning home carrying the termites they had killed. In addition, we found some interesting animal tracks.

We participated in the plant a tree program while we were at Olonana. We both planted a tree and spoke words of encouragement to the tree as we poured water over it.

The people at Olonana said that they are hoping to set up a web cam so that people who participate in this program can watch their tree grow. In the mean time, we were just happy to help in some small way.

As the sun set over the Masai Mara, we began to prepare for our long journey home. Sadly, all good things must come to an end.

In Nairobi we stopped for lunch at the Carnivore and then toured the Karen Blixen House (from the Out of Africa movie).