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African Safari
African Adventures 2011

The mamma baboon had some quality time with her offspring.

Our visit to a nearby Maasai village was very interesting. These people are well adapted to living on the African plains. Their clothing is made from colorful red cloth because it scares away the predatory animals. Shoes are made from old motorbike tires. They live in huts made from grass, mud, and dung.

In spite of the fact that they have no plumbing, no electricity, and no computers, most are multi-lingual and speak Maa (their native language) as well as Swahili and English. They have large herds of cows and goats and this supplies a majority of their dietary needs.

The Maasai people were very warm and gracious. Their colorful clothing was beautiful to look at as we wandered through the village. Each of their faces seemed to tell a different story.

Check out this video of the Maasai singing a traditional song.

Learn how to make fire the way the Maasai do in this informative video.

An amorous male giraffe was attempting to woo a female. She seemed to be very uninterested.

Don't you just hate when you drop your car keys and then you have to bend down to pick them up?

We saw many spotted hyena. They always seemed to be trotting by with such purpose, as if they had somewhere important they had to be.

We spent some time observing a couple of playful cheeta. These big cats were very graceful in all of their movements.

Captured some video of the graceful cheetahs playing.