Robin's Adventures

African Safari
African Adventures 2011

Since the crater is somewhat of a natural enclosure for the animals, we were able to see an incredible amount of wildlife in a comparatively small area. The day was filled with one surprise after another as we made our way from one habitat to the next and observed the wonders of nature with rapt fascination as they unfolded before us.

Once we traveled down the switchback road into the crater, the scenery was wonderful and very diverse.

There were fig trees with aerial roots and amazing stands of yellow barked acacia trees. The acacias had beautiful double compound leaves that had a very lacy appearance, but they also had long sharp spines. Elephants and giraffe eat the acacia anyway. They have very tough leathery tongues that are not bothered by the spines. There were many tree trunks that had interesting textures.

We were fortunate to be able to see the rare endangered black rhino.

We saw some fox and a family of hyena.

The hippo were enjoying the beautiful day while frolicking in their pond.

Wildebeest often travel in long single file columns as they move across the plains. They seem to display a herd mentality rather than behave as individuals. It was interesting to watch. If the direction of one wildebeest changed, everyone behind him would change direction as well.

There were large herds of zebra in the crater. Watching the zebra frolic and interact never got old.

Love was in the air as these two ostrich put on displays for each other.

Saw lots of cats in the crater, including a small serval cat, a cheetah, and some lions.