Robin's Adventures

A Musical Adventure

Beautiful scenery at the top of Aspen Mountain.

Interesting textures shown off by Mother Nature.

Taking the road less traveled

There is a small covered stage at the top of Aspen Mountain for small groups of musicians from the Aspen Music Festival to play. People bring lawn chairs up on the gondola just to hear them. Kevin's "office" is way better than mine!

Wonderful wildflowers!

Frisbee golf at the top of the world! Aspen Mountain boasts the highest frisbee golf course in the world.

Back in the village, relaxing by the fountain, and playing with the settings on my new camera.

Pollen everywhere. It almost looked like snow floating through the air from the cottonwood trees. The coniferous trees showed many fine specimines of cones and catkins.

Kevin came by before his performance. He looks great in his white dinner jacket and tux pants!

Kevin thinks he looks like a waiter! “Shaken, not stirred!”